Amorphous Oil Transformer


Amorphous Transformers are good energy saving transformers that reduce the impact on the global environment. The transformers utilize a amorphous alloy in their iron center which enhances electrical qualities and fundamentally lessens energy loss. Widely replacing the silicon steel core transformer by amorphous alloy core oil immersed transformer in outdoor power distribution system, then we can get the desirability of good energy saving effect and reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.
CATECH Amorphous Transformers are super energy saving transformers that represent to the progressed mechanical quality of the world driving cutting edge organization, CHINA AMORPHOUS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
Amorphous Core Transformer is a kind of vitality effective transformer found on electric frameworks. The magnetic core of this transformer is made with a ferromagnetic amorphous metal. Amorphous transformer core reduce the impact on the global environment. The transformers use an amorphous alloy in their iron core which improves electrical characteristics and significantly reduces energy loss.


Product Characteristic

Operation Condition

Low no load loss

≤1000m Altitude ≤1000m

High dielectric strength

-25℃ ~ +40℃ Environmental Temperature ~25℃ ~ +40℃

Strong ability to withstand short circuit

Indoor or Outdoor Use

No leakage


Long Service life, Excellent Weather ability