Amorphous Pad-Mounted Transformer


Pad-mounted Transformer (Commonly known as American box-transformer) is a complete sets of electrical equipment which assembly combine with load switching with high voltage electrical part and protective devices, low-voltage power distribution unit. This product is concentrated advanced technology and structural features of the various domestic and international combined transformer. This products has low loss, small size, easy to install, simple to maintain, and low total project cost. It is suitable to industrial parks, residential areas, business center, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprise, ports and other occasions, and it is also suitable for the urban and rural power grids.


Product Characteristic

Operation Condition

Low no load loss

≤1000m Altitude ≤1000m

High Corrosion Resistance

~25℃ ~+40℃ Environmental Temperature -25℃ ~+40℃

High Voltage quality, Zero point is no drift

Highest average daily temperature +30℃

Good stability, low noise

No serious vibration

Installation site: No danger of fire and explosion, no corrosive gases place