Amorphous Prefabricated Substation


According to wiring scheme, this product combine the medium-voltage switchgear, transformer, low voltage electrical components, capacitor compensation components, automatic control unit to cabinets to form a combination of a flexible, full-featured power distribution equipment. It used to achieve electrical energy distribution form the high-voltage system transmission to the low-pressure system. The product uses high quality components from domestic and overseas. It performance well and can be suitable to both the looped network and the terminal running.


Product Characteristic

Operation Condition

Low no load loss

≤1000m Altitude ≤1000m

High corrosion resistance

≤1000m Altitude ≤1000m  ≤35m/s Wind Speed ≤35m/s

High mechanical strength

≤+30℃ Daily average temperature ≤+30℃

High safety Protection class

≤90℃(+25℃)  Daily average temperature ≤+30℃

Installation location: no fire and explosion hazards; non-corrosive gas; the ground inclination of not more than 5℃, no serious vibration places