Amorphous Single-Phase Transformer


Western developed countries, Southeast Asia Countries and North and South America area use lots of single phase pole mounted Amorphous alloy transformer. In dispersion of power supply and distribution network, single phase pole mounted amorphous alloy transformer have a greater advantage in distribution. It can reduce the length of low-voltage distribution uniform line, reduce the line loss, provide high quality power supply. It is not only suitable for rural power grids, remote and mountainous areas, Scattered villages, agricultural production, lighting and power electricity, but also be used for railways, energy efficiency retrofit of urban power grid pole-type distribution line. This product can run by single phase or three-phase as a group.

We have earned a sterling notoriety in the business for manufacturing and supplying Single Phase Transformers and Current Transformers Core. The offered transformers are built from unrivaled quality materials sourced from a solid seller base. These transformers are durable regarding lodging, powerful in execution and accessible at industry driving costs.


Product Characteristic

Operation Condition

Low load loss and no-load current

≤1000m Altitude ≤1000m

Small size. Low infrastructure investment

-25℃ ~ +40℃ Environmental Temperature ~25℃ ~ +40℃

Strong overload capacity

Indoor or Outdoor Use

High reliability and continuous operation