Amorphous Underground Transformer


Underground mounted Amorphous alloy Transformer has low energy consumption, the tank is hermetically sealed construction, so it corrosion-resistant, anti-water, reliable operation. This product is distribution transformer or combine transformer which installed underground. Since the product is installed underground, it does not take up surface space, it is ideally suited for the shortage of places, such as city commercial district, park landscape place. etc.


Product Characteristic

Operation Condition

Well sealed, High waterproof Protection

-25℃ ~ +40℃ Environmental Temperature ~25℃ ~ +40℃-

High degree of protection, No deformation

Daily average temperature +35℃

Low Temperature rise design

No Serious vibration environment


≤3 Angle of inclination ≤3

Installation site: no danger of fire and explosion, non-corrosive gases place.