current transformer core

We supply an extensive variety of Control Current Transformers in different evaluations, mounting arrangements and shapes. It is a sort of current transducer that will give current in the optional which is corresponding in greatness to the present moving through the essential. These are utilized to change over the high streams from control circuit into a quantifiable current scope of instruments and control gadgets.

Current Transformer cores and switches have either strong or Split Cores and in addition transfer yields, LED affirmation, and a customizable set point. Current transformer permits easy monitoring of the current flowing to your load. Accessible in number of various reaches. Current transformer is a minimal effort elective for measuring power and checking the operation of fans, pumps or other equipment.
Compared to silicon steel core the Nanocrystalline show following benefits:

Initial Permeability : Nanocrystalline Core is 7 times more than Silicon Steel Core .

Our Nanocrystalline CT Core can meet ANSI 0.05-0.1 class,because Nanocrystalline permeability is high up to 150,000.

No-Load Loss: Nanocrystalline Core is 1/5 less than Silicon Steel Core .

Higher precision, Smaller volume and weight: Nanocrystalline Core is 1.28 less than Silicon Steel Core (Weight) .


• Reliable and Rugged Design
• Low maintenance
• Flame Retardent development
• Wide scope of sizes, evaluations and shapes

The new current transformers and split-core current transformer with transport ban mounting office from Carlo Gavazzi can be associated with all the current wire terminals and can be introduced either in DIN-rails or straightforwardly on boards What's more, the Catech devices stay away from any yield overvoltage, amid the support and establishment strategies, crossing over the optional without changing the connections

Comparing with the traditional core material, such as permalloy and silicon steel, Fe based Current Transformer Nanocrystalline cores takes the advantage of high permeability and low core lost, it is more competitive in the application of precision current transformer with 0.2,0.2s,0.1 accuracy class.

Capsulated option

Current Transformer Nanocrystalline cores in plastic casing
Current Transformer Nanocrystalline cores in epoxy resin coating
Current Transformer Nanocrystalline cores in Stainless Steel Case + bakelite cover
Current Transformer Nanocrystalline cores in crepe paper
High linearity over the whole primary current range
Easy to compensate
Very low temperature drift

plastic casing current transformer core

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epoxy coating current transformer core

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Stainless Steel Case Current Transformer Core

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split current transformer core

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ovel current transformer core

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