Amorphous Core
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Nanocrystalline Core

The Nanocrystalline alloy is a kind of amorphous material before heat treatment. This kind of alloy is available in different width and strip thicknesses. A very good linearity, a high saturation induction and an adjustable permeability allow the use of Nanocrystalline for high precision current sensors, pulse transformers, medium and high frequency transformers, chokes, and PLC transformers.

Cores made from nanocrystalline structure Fe based has outstanding magnetic properties such as permeability in a wide range of frecuencies (up to 100 kHz) making them ideal for applications such as measurement transformers, high frecuencies inductors, chokers, EMI filters.

Nanocrystalline Fe-based alloys have turned out to be of special interest as they combine excellent magnetic properties with reasonable costs, a very good temperature stability and favorabgle frequency properties.


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